Elite 2.4 KW Halogen Infra-Red MK3 Heater


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The New Elite Heat MK3 110 and 240 volt 2.4 kW Infra-Red Heaters has been designed following feedback from not only the tool hire industry and end user but also from a workshop maintenance point of view.

The compact and robust blow moulded design is not only durable but also light weight making it easy to manoeuvre and features a space saving nesting design making them not only easy to store but also easy to transport.

The new MK3 Elite Heaters are fitted with 250mm SK15 pre-wired elements with a highly polished reflector ensuring instant maximum heat output and also includes an integrated safety tilt switch, coupled with the many additional features and benefits as listed below this heater is a great choice for your hire fleet or workshop alike.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Hinged Heater Guard: Quick access for changing elements.
  • Electrics Access Panel: Fast access for electrical maintenance.
  • Cable Storage System: Storage of the mains cable keeps it nice and tidy.
  • Nesting System: Space saving and easier to transport
Voltage : 240 Volt 110 volt
Input Plug : 13 Amp 32 amp
Element Type : Infra-Red SK15 Infra-Red SK15
Heating Settings : 2 2
Heating Power (Kw) Position 1 : 1.2 Kw 1.2 Kw
Heating Power (Btu) Position 1 : 4,095 Btu 4,095 Btu
Heating Power (Kcal) Position 1 : 1,030 Kcal 1,030 Kcal
Heating Power (Kw) Position 2 : 2.4 Kw 2.4 Kw
Heating Power (Btu) Position 2 : 8,190 Btu 8,190 Btu
Heating Power (Kcal) Position 2 : 2,060 Kcal 2,060 Kcal
IP Rating : TBC  
Handles : Included Included
Wheels : 2 2
Cable Length : 2.0 Metres 2.0 Metres
Length : 42cm 42cm
Width : 61.5cm 61.5cm
Height : 109cm 109cm
Weight : 13.1kg 13.1kg

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