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If your question/problem is not answered by one of the above then please try one of the folowing methods.

Phone Us? 0115 978 5454 

(Get an quick answer but only Mon-Fri 8.00am - 5.00pm)

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Where's my order?

First things first, you need to check your emails even the spam folders for our status notifications or a simple message from us which we need a reply for before releasing your order. The next thing to check is to use the tracking number on your 'Order Shipped' emails (if you have it yet). If neither of these get you any further please give us a call on: 0115 978 5454 for a quick and strait answer or email us at:


How do I reorder my previous orders?





How do I use my gift certificate?

  1. You need your unique gift certificate code, which is part of the gift certificate that was emailed to you as an attachment. It will look something like Z50-Y6K-COS-402.
  2. Browse the store and add items to your cart as you normally would.

  3. Click the 'View Cart' link to view the contents of your shopping cart.

  4. Type your gift certificate code in to the 'Redeem Gift Certificate' box and click 'Go'.

How do I use my coupon Code?


Can I buy a physical gift certificate or just an electronic one?

 Unfortunately you can only purchase an electronic gift certificate but if you did want to put it in a card or something then you can print the certificate. 

Can I buy a gift certificate with my store credit?

 Yes you can. Check-out as normal.

How do I find stuff on the website?

There are three ways to find products on the website:

  1. At the top of our site there is a search bar which guesses what your typing as you type.
  2. Along the left hand side of every page there is a category listing which categorizes all of the listed products.
  3. Under the category listing there is a brand search so if you know the brand of the item you are searching for that is the best way.

Overall the search bar is the fastest way to search the 50,000 products listed.

Why do I need an email address?

You need an email address so that we can send you your receipt and status updates. If you don't have an emails address then please call us and one of our members of staff will assist you with a temporary email address.

I have a question about a product, what should I do?

There are two quick ways to get an answer:

  1. Email us at:
  2. Phone us: 0115 978 5454

Is the site safe?

Yes. Due to google policy changes in 2017 our entire site is secure. You can check to make sure a website is secure by looking in the address bar for a locked padlock icon. if you cant see that then the website is venerable (Ours is secure though). 

What are all these emails I keep getting about my order?

The first email is your receipt/confirmation. You will receive a few more with your orders status and 5 days after receiving your order you will receive a product review email. These emails are sent automatically from a secure server to keep you in the picture of there and when your order is going to arrive.

How can I track my order?

You can track your order by logging-in to your account > Order status. If your order is shipped then you can click the tracking number on the 'shipped' email which should be in your inbox.

Can I see my purchase history?

Yes. Log-in to your account > Your account history.

What payment methods are supported?

We accept all major credit and debit cards via our Stripe payment gateway. We also accept Paypal payments and apple pay for easy checkout.

Can I pay for my order outside the UK but have it delivered to a UK address?

Yes. As long as your delivery address is within the United Kingdom.

When I go to pay for my order on my card, it shows an error message?

This is could be a few reasons.

  1. The billing address has to match where your card is registered. If its a company card then we would recommend trying your head office address.
  2. Your bank has put a monthly limit on your card and you have reached it.
  3. Your bank has blocked you from using your card. Normally this is for your own protection so speak to your bank.
  4. There is no funds in your account to pay for the order in full.

Do you deliver to sites?

Yes we do. If your order is over £1000 we will deliver your goods on our own transit. On the other hand if you order is below £1000 Ukmail who deliver our parcels will also go to site but please provide as much info as possible in the extra details box.

Where do I collect from?

We only have one warehouse in Nottingham. The address is: Unit E Acorn Park, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2TR, U.K

How do I know how many individual fixings are in a box?


Can I get a better price if I buy something in bulk?

Yes. If the item(s) have not already been set-up for bulk buying then you can email us or even better give us a call on: 0115 978 5454 and let us give you the best quote.

Where can I find my VAT invoice?

We automatically send a VAT invoice to the registered email address that you entered into the checkout after the order has been completed by us. Please check your spam folder as sometimes they go into there. If you can not find it then please contact us and we will be happy to re-send the invoice to another email address.

Can I get a paper VAT invoice?

We now operate a paperless invoicing system to save on postage, paper and staff time. We can send you a printed VAT invoice but there is a small administration fee for the service to cover printing costs, postage and packaging. This is £3.50 Inclusive of VAT service which must be paid in advance. Please contact us for this service.

This follows the HMRC guidelines:

H M Revenue & Customs have requirements for what constitutes a VAT invoice. As a VAT registered company we have a legal requirement to issue VAT invoices on request to a VAT registered person to which we are supplying services. The requirements are detailed in the VAT guide which can be obtained from These do not require the invoice to be on paper. Confirmed with H M Revenue & Customs that our invoices meet the necessary criteria and that emailed invoices are valid. VAT Notice 700/63 covers new regulations that came in to force Jan 2004, and confirm that not only are electronic invoices valid but that we should not store or send paper invoices if we operate a system of electronic invoicing. As we use a digital signature, our electronic invoices are also valid throughout the EU.