Faithfull Digital Max-Min Thermometer


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Based on a traditional design, the Faithfull Digital Max-Min Thermometer offers the convenience of both digital and standard capillary thermometers. Double capillary thermometers provide an instant and accurate reading of the surrounding environment in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

The thermometer features a large, easy to read LED display that records and shows the highest and lowest temperatures reached throughout the day and night since its last reset. The display can easily be switched between Centigrade and Fahrenheit depending on preference and can be instantly reset to the current temperature at the press of a single button.

This is the ideal instrument for measuring and recording the temperature of greenhouses, conservatories or any room around the home. The thermometer can be used free standing or hung and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is mercury free.

Uses 1 x AAA battery.
Range: -40°C to +50°C / -40°F to +120°F

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