Heller Enduro Trijet SDS-Max Hammer Drill Bits

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£39.77 - £127.10 inc. VAT
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The Enduro Trijet SDS-max hammer drill bit (available with a diameter of up to 16 mm) perfectly unites speed and robustness - even in reinforced concrete. The embedded carbide tip makes this drill bit extremely resilient. Users also benefit from very low vibration and especially easy positioning.

With recessed carbide tip for extreme resilience in reinforcement steel and powerful drilling progress

Maximum effectiveness and speed thanks to the stable tips plus optimised helix design

Best possible drill dust transport without risk of inflagration thanks to large-volume, low-vibration Twinmax 3D helix, also in deep holes

Lowest vibration thanks to computer-simulated helix reduces the load on the user

Particularly easy positioning and avoids spalling even after drilling many holes

Art No. Dia W.Length O.Length
281782 12 200mm 340mm
281799 12 400mm 540mm
281805 12 600mm 740mm
281812 13 200mm 340mm
281829 13 400mm 540mm
281836 14 200mm 340mm
281843 14 400mm 540mm
281850 14 600mm 740mm
281867 15 200mm 340mm
281874 15 400mm 540mm
281881 16 200mm 340mm
281898 16 400mm 540mm
281904 16 600mm 740mm
281911 16 800mm 940mm
281928 16 1200mm 1340mm

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