Hozelock Superhoze Expanding Hose Set - 40m


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The Hozelock 8240 Superhoze has an expanding diameter and is 40 metres in length when fully extended. It comes with 2 Aquastop Connectors, a Threaded Tap Connector and an Adjustable Hose Nozzle. The dynamic design of Superhoze enables it to expand up to three times its original length for easy reach and then shrink back in size after use for convenient storage. Superhoze is made up of a highly elastic inner core and a soft, yet robust outer, meaning that there are no hard materials to fold or bend which can create kinks or tangles in some traditional garden hoses. As Superhoze is filled with water and expands, the two independent layers glide smoothly over each other, ensuring a continuous water flow.


  • Superhoze expands up to x3 its original length and then shrinks back down to its original size after use
  • With its ultra-lightweight, Superhoze is easy to manoeuvre around the garden
  • Superhoze never kinks or tangles, ensuring a continuous water flow
  • Hozelock guaranteed leak-free fittings, give you a watertight connection
  • Hozelock Quick Connect System – Simply ‘click and connect’ to a wide range of hose end and accessories
  • Due to its compact size after use, Superhoze is easy to store away on a Hose Hanger, or in its original tub


  • Hose Length: 40m
  • Hose Features: Anti Kink, Compact, Flexible, Lightweight
  • Hose Structure: Expandable

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