Large Lockout Kit

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Our Lockout kit bags are ideal for groups, departments and safety managers.  Contains the most commonly used lockout equipment to isolate electrical and mechanical equipment, along with gate and ball valves.

1 x 400mm lockout bag (LOK062)
1 x Small ball valve lockout (LOK023)
1 x Large ball valve lockout (LOK024)
2 x Multi-purpose cable lockout (LOK013)
2 x 25mm Vinyl coated hasp (LOK044)
2 x 38mm Vinyl coated hasp (LOK045)
6 x Red safety padlocks (LOK007)
3 x Pack (10) of 'Do not operate' tags (LOK050)
2 x Ultra-fine permanent pen (TGPEN01)
1 x 25-63.5mm Gate valve lockout (LOK001)
1 x 63.5-127mm Gate valve lockout (LOK002)
1 x 127-165mm Gate valve lockout (LOK003)
1 x Caution Lockout in operation A-Board (4707)
1 x Large plug / Pneumatic lockout (LOK030)
1 x MCB lockout 'Pin in' (LOK021)
1 x MCB lockout 'Pin out' (LOK020)
1 x MCB lockout 'Pin out wide' (LOK022)
2 x Universal MCB lockout (LOK043)
1 x Pneumatic lockout (LOK063)
1 x 3-phase dial lockout (LOK055)

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