Mini Timber Hangers - Galvanised 38 x 75 x 100mm (Box of 20)


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£15.84 inc. VAT
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Designed to give a small and economic light weight timber to timber connection such as loft hatches and decking. Timber to timber joist hangers are suitable for light duty applications such as ceiling joists, decking and trimmers. Manufactured from Pre-Galvanised Steel to give a high level of corrosion resistance. NOTE: Tag on base of the hanger helps avoid rotation.

• Conforms to Eurocode 5 and service class 2

W (mm) 38
H (mm) 72
Packs per Carton 20
B (mm) 50
Joist Size W x H (mm) 38 x 75 to 100
Nail Holes (3.75mm) 14
Type Mini
Material Carbon Steel
Finish Galvanised
Corrosion Rating (1-5) 2 - Occasionally damp/wet, rural and sheltered areas
Characteristic Value (kN) For Eurocode 5 8.34
Safe Working For BS5268 (kN) Short Term 4.17
Safe Working For BS5268 (kN) Medium Term 3.97
Safe Working For BS5268 (kN) Long Term 3.47

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