Ondutiss Air 120 Roof Membrane 1x50m Roll

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Material Application

Highly vapour-permeable, three-layer roof membrane made of a layer of microporous functional film protected on both sides with a polypropylene vlies. The film layer provides resistance to water penetration and regulates the water vapour flow through the roof system.


• On roofs with full deck or purlins
• Initial underlay for thermally insulated, ventilated, sloping roofs
• For most types of roof coverage, and in particular for concrete tiles and sheet tiles

Features & Benefits

• Improves the efficiency of thermal insulation
• Reduces energy consumption and regulates the flow of water vapour
• Reduces CO2 emissions to the atmosphere
• Resistant to high and low temperatures
• Resistant to mechanical damages
• Compliant to BS 5534 and BS 5250 requirements


Technical characteristics

Material Polypropylene: Composition 3
Weight: 120 g/m² (+10%)
Width: 1,5 m / 1 m
Length: 50 m / 20 m
Reaction to fire: Class E
Resistance to water penetration: Class W1
Water vapour resistance (Sd): 0,02 m (-0,01/+0.03)
Tensile strength long MD: 280 N /50 mm
Tensile strength across CD: 155 N/50 mm
Elongation along: MD 70 %
Elongation across: CD 60 %
Tear resistance along: MD 100 N
Tear resistance across: CD 120 N
Flexibility at low temperature: ≥-40°C
Alignment Requirements met
Stability of dimensions: < 2 %
Resistance to UV: 3 months
Temperature resistance: - 40°C to + 80°C
Meet the requirements: EN 13859-1:2010, EN 13859-2:2010
Wind Zones Zones 1 to 2: (≤345 mm batten guage)
Zones 1 to 5: (≤250mm batten guage)

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