Orit Curb Stone Clamp "Tandem" Lifting Aid

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CurbStone Clamp - 2 Handles 500 - 1100 mm Especially suitable for handling concrete curbstone. The one-sided angular supports, which are placed on the curbstone already in place, enable an extremely narrow joint. Grips longitudinally so that it can be used in tightest spaces. No deflection of the plumb line. Equipped with a lifting eye. Depth grip 40 mm. NOT SUITABLE FOR MECHANICAL USE! 

Weight 12 kg
Clamping depth 40 mm
Length 1100 mm
Min. range 500 mm
Max. range 1080 mm
Max. load 150 kg
Surface Treatment Galvanized
Product dimensions 1600 x 580 x 500 mm
Optimal packaging 2 per box
Warranty 7 years, except wear parts
Packaging measures L x W x H 1160 x 560 x 130 mm

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