Swarfega Orange Hand Cleaner Pump Top Bottle 450ml


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Swarfega Orange Hand Cleaner 450ml
Contains Micro-polymer granules for an effective deep clean
Fresh orange fragrance
Moisturising and caring with a solvent-free formula that removes oil, grease and grime
Contains powerful and effective cleaning ingredients

Product Description
Working on your vehicle can be a messy job, with lots of oily and greasy deposits that can build up on your skin and hands. Removing these deposits can be a tricky job without the use of a strong and effective hand cleaner. For a guaranteed skin friendly clean you know you can rely on Swarfega.
This orange hand cleaner is made from an advanced formulation using natural ingredients to remove oil, grease and general dirt quickly and efficiently. It contains micro-polymer granules which act like thousands of tiny scrubbing brushes to remove stubborn soilings without damaging the skin. The solvent-free formula helps prevent drying out of the skin and a mild orange fragrance leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean after use. The rich creamy lotion quickly rinses off leaving no greasy after-feel. Contains wheat germ extracts to help moisturise the hands.
Swarfega is the brand name for a range of skin care products, degreasing and vehicle maintenance products and general surface cleaners aimed at both professional and domestic markets. Swarfega, is renowned the world over for its unique cleaning properties and over the years has become the 'go to brand' for heavy-duty hand cleaning. With a long history which dates back to 1947, Swarfega has continually inNovated and improved upon the product they offer to the market.

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