Tetrion Easy on Interior Filler - Powder 5Kg


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Tetrion Easy On has been developed as a high performance, high quality interior filling and jointing compound for filling joints, cracks, holes and gaps in many household materials including plaster, wood, stone, brickwork and many other building materials.

The special ‘dual-action’ formulation means Tetrion Easy On cures effectively when filling joints, gaps and cracks and provides a fine, easily sanded smooth repaired surface – without the need for a separate finishing’ filler.

Plaster board jointing – Tetrion Easy On is also ideal for use as a high performance two-coat filler/finish jointing compound for drywall systems.



Features air-dried hardening properties and chemical-setting characteristics enabling deep-fill applicationswhilst achieving a smooth easily sandable finish.

  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Working life of an hour
  • If required, finishing coat can be applied after just 140 minutes.
  • Excellent coverage at over 20m2/5Kg
  • Contains 10 x 500g sealed job packets for extended ‘shelf-life’.


Ensure all surfaces are dry, clean and free from any loose materials. Add 2 parts Tetrion Easy On to 1 part water and mix thoroughly. Add more water/powder as necessary. Apply with a filling knife or float and smooth off any excess with a wet blade. Tetrion Easy On has a working life of approximately 60 minutes and setting occurs after approximately 140 minutes depending on atmospheric conditions. Due to Tetrion Easy On’s special curing properties the filler can be applied into deeper cracks without the need to ‘build up’ layers as with traditional ‘air-dried’ powder fillers.

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