Transparent Double Sided Polyester Tape - with Red MOPP Liner (Per Roll)

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Acid free double-sided-clear-polyester tape with a red Mopp backing. This clear double sided polyester tape has a: strong high tack (hi bond) solvent acrylic adhesive. This adhesive, gives it excellent holding power and adhesion to the required surface. This tape is ideally suited for temporary phone repair - including: phone screens.

In addition to this, the Mono-orientated Polypropylene (MOPP) liner enhances transparency of the adhesive. This enhancement will give you a more discrete finish on the applied surfaces.

This clear polyester tape has a temperature resistance of between: -20°C - +120°C. This temperature resistance makes it ideal for use in: extreme conditions from households freezers to deserts in Dubai.

This clear tape is ideal as a: double side moulding tape.

Resistance information

Has a good resistance to:

  • Weather conditions
  • UV
  • Plasticizers

Carrier information

25 Micron transparent polyester

Adhesive information

The adhesive used on this polyester tape is a cross-linked-solvent-high-performance-acrylic adhesive. Consequently, this adhesive is specially formulated to provide you with a strong bond and very good cohesive strength, even in the most demanding of conditions.

Liner information

This tape has a red filmic MOPP liner which enhances transparency of the adhesive giving you a more professional finish.

Ideal usage information

This tape is ideal for: bonding glass and plastics, due to its tremendous holding ability. As a result, of its holding ability this tape can be used in the manufacture of: point-of-sale stands, signs and displays.

As well as being ideal for: glass and plastics, this polyester tape is also ideal for: wooden mouldings, bonding and laminating flexible and rigid materials, fixing point-of-displays, print finishing and general applications where a: strong-thin-flexible tape with high-performance is required.

Due to its filmic MOPP liner, this polyester tape is great for jobs which require a strong but discrete bonding.

Application information

When applying this tape the surfaces to be bonded should be: dry, dust and grease free and thoroughly clean. Avoid touching the exposed adhesive surface of the tape as this impairs its performance. The ideal cleaning method should incorporate use of a: solvent, such as: Isopropyl alcohol.

To attain the optimum bond strength sufficient pressure should be applied to the tape to ensure a good adhesive "wet out" on the substrates. This tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the best results are achieved with maximum surface contact under pressure.

The bond strength will reach its optimum strength after 24 hours.

Detailed usage information

Interior use

When used indoors, this double-sided-clear-polyester tape can be used for fixing multiple problems such as: helping to fix cabinets, shelves, bins and other household equipment such as mobile phones.

When clear high strength acrylic is used indoors it is extremely effective and can handle any changes of indoor temperature making it an ideal solution in your kitchen, bathroom or attic.

Exterior uses

This double-sided-clear-polyester tape, is suited to outdoor use up to an impressive 140°C - which makes it is suitable for all temperatures - and is both UV and solvent resistant while still providing a strong bond.


Due to this polyester tape leaving an invisible bond-line when applied, it is ideal for glass surfaces; leaving an almost transparent finish.


This tape provides a strong rigid bond for the most demanding external applications; especially if vandalism may be an issue. As well as being demanding for external applications, it is excellent for bonding rigid extrusions and is ideal for: applications requiring an almost transparent finish.

Display assembly

This polyester tape is ideal for: display assembly, due to the adhesive used; because it is almost invisible when applied giving your display that professional finish.

Technical Information

Technical DescriptionTechnical Values
Tape Thickness Afera 4006 0.235mm
Colour Clear
Carrier 25 Micron Polyester
Liner Type Red Mopp
Liner Thickness 80 Micron
180° Peel Adhesion Afera 4001 20 Minutes 35 N/25mm
180° peel Adhesion Afera 4001 24 Hours 48 N/25mm
Dynamic Shear Adhesion Astm D - 1002 10 Minutes 135 N/625mm2
Dynamic Shear Adhesion Astm D - 1002 24 Hours 156 N/625mm2
Static Shear Adhesion 23°C 2kg / 625mm2 5000 Minutes
Static Shear Adhesion 70°C 0.5kg / 625mm2 6000 Minutes
Tack Afera 4015 16 N/25mm
Temperature Resistance 20°C - +120°C