V-TUF 240v Pro Hot Water 140 Bar Pressure Washer


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240v V-TUF HD140HOT Industrial heavy-duty hot-water pressure washer is a little beast, perfect for cleaning stubborn dirt, such as oil & grease. The HD140HOT pressure washer is a compact, powerful cleaning machine that produces the hot water on demand.

Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner:
  • Ideal for cleaning vehicles and workshops in small companies. Also can be used to clean plant and machinery, tools and equipment.The V-TUF HD140HOT is also used by painters and decorators, building services for cleaning down brickwork  and general property maintenance cleaning tasks. 
  • HOT WATER COMBATS GRIME & GREASE QUICKER  - hot water lifts and dissolves dirt, solidified oils and fats faster than a cold water machine resulting in a time saving of up to 35%. Surfaces cleaned with hot water dry faster enabling them to be sooner. 
  • HOT WATER COMBATS GERMS  - cleaning with hot water significantly reduces the presence of germs without the application of sanitising chemical. However if it is a highly infected area that you are cleaning, we would recommend applying the VTC720 - HEAVY DUTY Surface Cleaner Sanitiser after cleaning the area down with the pressure washer as a precautionary measure.
  • HOT WATER CAN BE USED TO SOFT WASH  - cleaning with hot water at  a lower working pressure can achieve the same cleaning effect as high pressure cleaning and thus protecting sensitive surfaces. Such as stone walls and roof tiles.  
Using a hot water power washer means you can clean surfaces effectively while using less detergents, or at best, no agents at all, while also using the heat to sanitise the surfaces. Using hot water to clean also helps loosen the dirt much faster, making cleaning a lot easier. The HD140HOT is the perfect entry level hot water steam cleaner for light and medium duty cleaning tasks.
•    Excellent Portability - Compact Size.
•    Low Amp Usage Gives Reliable Start-Up Every Time.
•    Hot-Water Cleaning Removes Grime & Grease Quicker Than An Equivalent Cold-Water Machine - With Quicker Drying Time.
•    Hot-Water Power Washing Cleaning Also Require Less Detergents - Protecting Our Environment.
Why use the V-TUF HD140H Hot Water Pressure Washer?
•    Pump Can drawn from Water Butt/IBC. 
•    Boiler Protection Against Low Water Pressure.
•    Impact Resistant Plastic Cover.
•    Energy Efficient Duel Coil Boiler.
•    Simple On/Off Control Switch.
•    Water Filter for Water Inlet & Suction Filter for Diesel Intake.  
Thanks to its compact, sturdy build, the V-TUF HD140HOT takes up less space than a conventional machine and thanks to its large integrated handle, it is much easier to manoeuvre, especially up and down steps and stairs. The large puncture-proof, rugged wheels ensure maximum mobility over all types of floors.
• Construction & Building Sites, • Hire & Rental, • Car Parks, • Parks & Public Walkways, • Facilities Management, • Manufacturing & Beverage, • Heavy Industry, • Contract Cleaners, • Warehousing & Distribution, • Agriculture, • Schools & Education Centres.

Areas of Application:
• Construction Site Equipment; Cement Mixers, Diggers, Dumpers, JCB & CAT Machines etc, • Cement Plant, Foundries, • Town In-Out Car Washes, Van Washes, & Truck Washes, • Tractors, Harvesters, Cultivators, Ploughs & Trailers, • Cattle & Farm Barns & Buildings, • Building & Floor Restoration Services, e.g. Tiled Walls & Floors, • Courtyards: Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Sports Grounds.
OPERATING PRESSURE (Maximum) (bar/Mpa/psi)
  • 120 Bar / 1750 psi
PUMP PRESSURE (Maximum) (bar/Mpa/psi)
  • 140 Bar / 2000 psi
Power Supply
  • 240v (13Amp UK 3-Pin Plug)
Power Rating
  • 2800w
Flow Rate
  • 8 Litres/Minute (480 Litres/Hour)
Hot / Cold Water
  • Hot & Cold Water
  • 90oC / 194oF
Sound Level (dB(A))
  • 80 dBA
Chemical Injection
  • Yes
Pump Type
  • Self-Priming (Positive 3 Plunger Displacement)
Power Cable
  • 5m
Accessories Included
  • 10m High Pressure Steam Cleaner Hose, Gun Lance Jetting Kit, & Snow Foam Bottle for Easy Application of Detergent
  • 12 Months
Product Dimensions
  • Box: (H) 600 x (W) 750 x (D) 550mm
  • Washer: (H) 920 x (W) 730 x (D) 500mm
  • Nett: 52kg / Gross: 55kg

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