Wera Bit-Check 30 Stainless 1, 30 pieces

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£66.26 inc. VAT
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Bit-Check that can be positioned upright with high quality bits out of stainless steel. Wera stainless tools are manufactured out of stainless steel, thus preventing the formation of unsightly extraneous rust. 29 Wera stainless bits. 1 stainless Rapidaptor quick-release holder. The multi-component Bit-Check is convincing on account of its low weight and the maximum possible degree of compactness. In this respect, the soft material in the lower section of the Bit-Check ensures that the bits are securely held whilst being simple to remove at the same time. The profile and size of the bits are easy to recognise thanks to the Wera "Take it easy" Tool Finder with its colour coding and clearly visible imprint.

Whats Included:

  • 1x 1/4" holder 50mm
  • 1x PH1x25mm bit
  • 3x PH2x25mm bit
  • 1x PH3x25mm bit
  • 2x PZ1x25mm bit
  • 3x PZ2x25mm bit
  • 1x PZ3x25mm bit
  • 2x TX10x25mm bit
  • 2x TX15x25mm bit
  • 3x TX20x25mm bit
  • 3x TX25x25mm bit
  • 2x TX30x25mm bit
  • 1x TX40x25mm bit
  • 1x 2.5 hex x 25mm bit
  • 1x 3 hex x 25mm bit
  • 1x 4 hex x 25mm bit
  • 1x 5 hex x 25mm bit
  • 1x 5.5 hex x 25mm bit

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