Fischer FID Insulation Fixings (Per Box)

Fischer Fixings

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£32.32 - £35.58 inc. VAT
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To fix lightweight fixtures in plastered and non-plastered insulating boards made of polystyrene and polyurethane.
The areas of application are:

  • Façade construction (ETICS)
  • Insulating construction
  • Electric construction
  • Refrigerated and climate construction
  • Acoustic construction
Building materials
  • Non-plastered, pressure-resistant insulating boards
  • Plastered, pressure-resistant insulating boards
  • ETICS insulating boards
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction

  • The FID can be set in the insulating board with a cordless screwdriver or by hand.
  • The special spiral thread taps itself in the insulating board.
  • Fixtures are fixed with a 4.5 mm screw for the FID 50, and with a 6 mm screw for the FID 90.
  • Water ingress in the insulation can be prevented by sealing the plug collar with a suitable sealant after successful pre-positioned installation.
Product VariantAnchor lengthl[mm]Min. bolt penetration[mm]Wood and chipboard screws[mm]DriveMax. bolt penetration screw[mm]

FID 50 Art.-No. 048213

50 50 4,5 - 5 T40 40
FID 90 Art.-No. 510971 90 90 6 6 mm hex 80

6mm hex bits can be purchased here

T40 torx bits can be purchased here

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Fischer Fixings