Fischer ThermoFix 6H-NT Insulation Fixing (Per 100)

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£59.09 - £285.66 inc. VAT
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The fischer screw fixing TermoFix 6H-NT is ideal for fixing pressure-resistant insulation up to 280 mm in wood and panel building materials. The screw fixing comprises a support disc made from polyamide with a prefitted fischer Power-Fast screw with approval. The minimal embedment depth of 30 mm ensures fast installation. The TermoFix 6H-NT is set flush to the surface in the push-through installation with a cordless powerdriver without pre-drilling. The head is them sealed with the screw plug. Optionally, the TermoFix 6H-NT can be countersunk with the fisher setting tool TSS. The insulation disk is then covered with a round cap.

  • Pre-fitted fixing with the approved fischer Power-Fast screw. This guarantees safe retention in the substrate.
  • The minimum screw-in depth of 30 mm guarantees fast assembly. There is no need to pre-drill the hole.
  • Plugs are enclosed in every packaging unit.
  • The fixing discs can be combined with the large insulating discs DT 90, DT 110 and DT 140 when very soft insulating materials are used.
  • Countersinkable assembly using the TTS assembly tool is possible in soft materials such as polystyrene rigid foam boards PS 15 or PS 20.
  • For insulating material thicknesses up to 280 mm.
  • Attachment of ETICS insulating boards on wooden substructures
  • Flush installation in ETICS insulating materials e.g. polystyrene
  • Flush-to-surface installation in wooden soft fibre boards
Building materials
  • MDF boards
  • OSB boards
  • Chipboard
  • Gypsum fibreboard
  • Solid wood
You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.


  • EPD-FIW-20210314-CBD1-EN

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